I was compelled to sew from an early age when my mother couldn’t keep up with my desire to outfit my Barbie doll with a new outfit daily. My love of fabric developed over the years as I stitched my own garments in junior and high school, often making a dress after school and wearing it the next day. When my children were young, I stitched holiday outfits, costumes, matching wardrobes. Then came a long stretch when the kids didn’t appreciate my garment construction skills, and time just got away from me and my sewing machine.
Several years ago a good and crafty friend suggested we join a block of the month group at the local quilt shop, and I returned to my love of all things textile. Oh, how I love color and texture in fabric! I have pieced many quilts over the past years at home alone, or with a few close friends cramped together around a kitchen table over a weekend at the beach, or in a gymnasium with 50+ like-minded quilters from our local quilt guild. Quilts to welcome new little ones to my extended family or to celebrate a special occasion, quilts for charity, quilts for my own beds – all a joy, and exciting from the first cut into fabric to the last knot of the thread in the binding.
My journey took a new path that helped me to learn and gain different skills that complement the quilting process. In 2010 I purchased an HQ16 quilting machine which included a ProStitcher (a computer-aided quilting system) and later I added to my quilting experience by purchasing Art and Stitch, a design software that is now also resident on my ProStitcher. I have upgraded twice since 2010 and now own an HQ Fusion and ProStitcher.  I love to use my skills and knowledge to enhance a beautifully pieced quilt with the addition of a personalized design and thread that will make your quilt an heirloom to be treasured for years to come. 
~ Tamara